Anne Chadwick is renowned for an exceptional ability to quickly capture likeness and personality in her portraits of people and animals, as well as light and atmosphere in her evocative landscape paintings.


She was a finalist in the National Portrait Award and has exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the Contemporary Portrait Society.


Working in a variety of media: oil or pastel for portraits and acrylic and watercolour for other subjects, she accepts commissions for paintings of people - young and old, animals, houses and favourite landscapes. She has also painted very successful copies of portrait and other paintings for some very delighted customers.


For surprise presents, posthumous portraits, or when the subject is too busy to ‘sit’, she  creates miracles using photographs. Her ability to swiftly achieve an excellent, ‘living’ likeness ensures that sittings aren’t too long and arduous. Invariably, sitters enjoy the experience, engaging in lively conversation or relaxing contemplation.


A beautifully-crafted portrait painting makes an exclusive artistic addition to any home, office or institution, conveying enormous personal significance to the sitter as well as family, friends and colleagues.


Specially-commissioned portraits make unique, wonderful gifts, becoming family heirlooms to be treasured and passed down the generations.

Anne Chadwick