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Family & Adult Portraits


Family portraits are great fun. I enjoy designing a composition that expresses unity, as well as the personality of each individual.



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Although most children amaze their parents by sitting unusually still for their portrait, their concentration  is never as good after a break, so I have to paint all the information in the first hour or so. We chat, sing songs or whatever!


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Corporate Portraits


Captains of industry and other important people are usually to busy to sit for more than an hour or two, so I make a few sketches and take photographs. Company portraits can be a bit anonymous – men in suits – so I like to add a clue to the sitter’s interests and personality. Sometimes the client will want details painted into the portrait that seem a little incongruous, for example, surely a silver medal winning lifeboatman wouldn’t be wearing his medal on a rescue mission? But it’s my mission to ensure the customer is happy.



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Posthumous Portraits



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When bereaved clients commission a portrait, they usually only have small, informal snapshots for me to work from. I like to think that the person I am trying to bring to life is looking over my shoulder to guide my brush.




From time to time I am asked to paint a copy of an original painting. Sometimes the original is part of a museum collection, as in the case of my copy of Cuthbert Orde’s portrait of flying ace, Air Chief Marshall Sir Harry Broadhurst, which is in the RAF Museum at Hendon. Or is to be inherited by another person, as was this delightful Victorian painting of a much-loved grandmother as a child. Or is a faded but cherished print of a painting by George Dunlop Leslie.



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Unusual Commissions


A commissioned artist’s life is never dull as clients often come up with interesting projects. I have sketched ten trainee Concorde pilots, painted a regimental retirement gift of a day at the races, and an enhanced version of an estate agent’s board for his office.